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Annie Keeley Elementary School

Garland, TX

This rapidly growing suburban School District was looking for new 850 student, 65,000 SF prototype for their next generation Elementary School.

The school was organized around a “spine” serving as the Main Street of the school. Beginning at the front of the building as a welcoming canopy, the spine leads students in and then flows through the building as the main corridor, bringing with it the colorful playground-like elements of the front kinder-play area including crayon columns and triangular canvas awnings that dance overhead. Upon exiting the rear of the building, the spine regains its’ awning function only to decompose into playground forms behind the school. The Kindergarten is at the entry of the school presented as an archetypal “little red schoolhouse”- a primal identifying statement of the school as neighborhood center. This design provided a sense of place and a spirit of playfulness for a neighborhood just recently born, and has since been replicated many times throughout the Garland School District.

  • Client

    Keeley Elementary School
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Scnz Keeley Web Ready 2
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Completed in association with Corgan Associates.