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Arsenal Building of 1834

New Orleans, LA

The historic Arsenal and surrounding blast wall was originally constructed in 1834, to store powder and ammunition, as part of the Jackson Barracks Military Complex designed to defend the City of New Orleans from an aggressor coming up the Mississippi. Over the years, the building was converted to a gift shop with interior walls added and a lean-to addition scabbed on to the exterior. Then in 2005, over 15 feet of flood water ran into the building after Hurricane Katrina.

We coordinated with the National Guard, FEMA, SHPO and the National Park Service and designed a restoration that returned the building to its historic appearance. The slate roof was replaced and we provided detailed specifications to restore and clean the delicate 160 year–old brick, while protecting the sensitive historic graffiti. To respect the historic nature of the Arsenal, non-invasive MEP systems were remotely sited so that the equipment is located well away from the building. The Arsenal is now part of the larger Multi-Use Museum, also designed by SCNZ, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Client

    Louisiana National Guard
  • Project Type

    Civic · Renovation · Historic Preservation
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