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Egret Residence

New Orleans, LA

The house sits in the Lake Vista subdivision, a late 1930s Garden City movement design that envisioned vehicular access from the street and pedestrian access from “lanes” that run along what would traditionally be rear yard property lines. The challenge for the new construction was to design a house with two fronts, which was also energy efficient and full of natural light.

The solution blended contemporary design with the use of traditional materials, hints of arts and crafts influences, and a “practical green” design approach. The two story central hall embraces the east-west orientation of the long axis of the lot and is washed with natural light from the clerestory above. That light filters throughout the house into the main living areas, reducing the need for artificial light. The master bedroom benefits from the 15-foot window wall allowing soft northern light while minimizing heat gain. The house also features a grid-tied solar panel array along the long axis. The lane side facade is shaded by a large oak tree and features a large porch serving more of the traditional New Orleans front porch function, while the street side façade addresses the arrival sequence by creating a private courtyard in the space nestled between the garage, master bedroom and study .

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